Nobody wants their information getting leaked to unauthorized internet users or hackers and the best way to protect your privacy is to ensure that you have an SSL certificate for your website.

Website security shouldn’t be taken for granted and negligence has repercussions such as the loss of private information or business data. Having a ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ (SSL) certificate protects you from growing cybercrimes. There are various levels of certificates offered to best match your security needs and various reason as to why.

Here are six reasons why your website should be SLL Certified:

1. SSL Certificates help to ensure website security

This helps prevent security breaches on websites by providing a secondary authentication as the PKI (public key infrastructure) helps in sending information only to the respective server. This means that your data is not accessible from any other device on the same server.

An SSL is a digital domination that verifies credentials such as the certificate holder, their serial number, and expiry date along with the signature of the certificate-issuing authority.

Google now flag websites that are not certified by addressing them as “Not Safe” to users, this causes potential loss of visitors and clients for through your website.

2. It Enhances the Search Engine Ranking for Your Website

Increased ranking will ensure safe browsing for users. The HTTPS protocol is now used as the standard for SEO ranking parameters.

Based on your website’s size and design, you can convert your HTTP website to HTTPS by following the below mentioned simple steps:

  • Purchase an SSL Certificate. Ensure you buy it from a reputed SSL Certificate provider
  • Get the Certificate installed. If your website is on a shared hosting server, you can get it done by the hosting company.
  • Change all the links with HTTP to HTTPS.
  • You will have to redirect all the traffic to the revised links so that the user is redirected to the secured https version from the unsecured web pages.
  • Google Analytics or Google Search Console and similar tools should be updated with the secured pages for appropriate tracking.

3. Your customers will see you as a trustworthy brand

Surely, every business wants to maintain a good reputation and a way to achieve that is by being trusted. Having an SSL certificate is caring not only for yourself but your customers too.

4. SSL certification improves the speed of the website

HTTPS makes your websites load a lot faster, thereby improving the website performance. This improves your search engine optimization and helps you in internet marketing.

5. The user experience becomes better on HTTPS websites

An SSL Certificate eliminates the fear of sharing personal information and improves users’ experience with your website. Customers will feel free to make payments on a secure and trusted site. In turn, this improves your conversion rate and boosts business growth. The ROI of the security certificate is truly splendid.

6. It helps to encrypt sensitive information

SSL certified websites keep information protected. A secure website ensures you are able to encrypt all the sensitive information that is transferred between two computers and from a computer to server as well. This information can be anything ranging from credit card details, passwords, bank account number, and other financial information.


Secure Sockets Layer Certificates build a sense of trust for customers and brings a whole new level of satisfied customer engagement. Turning visitors to customers, building loyalty and having a respectable and reputable brand.